KYB Suspension Solutions App

KYB has a mobile App, to help technicians identify and sell replacement parts for worn suspension components.


> Designed to help technicians explain to motorists the dangers of driving with worn suspension

>┬áThe App allows the technician to input the issues with a vehicle’s suspension components. The App then creates a personalised vehicle report which is sent to the customer by text message, helping them make an informed decision regarding their vehicle maintenance. All for free!

> Garages can personalise the App with their own details and logo

>┬áThe App also gives the garage the ability to easily text photos free of charge to show their customers the work they’ve carried out

> The App now also has a fitting instruction feature. Update your App, or download now to be able to find vehicle specific fitting instructions for your next suspension job. The instructions feature an illustrated step by step guide, information on the tools you will need and the torque settings required, and a time estimate so you can quote for the job accurately.


The App is available to download for free from the App Store and Google Play.